25th Anniversary of the Centre for Treatment

For the last 25 years, the Centre has provided accessible and professional services thanks to donations, fundraisers and the offering of workshops and trainings.  Since February, six new therapists have joined the Centre as well as two interns. In order to support our growth, we have moved to a larger, brighter space which also permits us to offer child/family therapy and group therapy along with couples and individual therapy.


Our growth and move have also meant additional expenses.  We would like your help so that we can continue to provide services which are crucial to our community.  


All money not specifically earmarked will be allocated as follows:  80% goes directly into providing services for clients who might not otherwise be able to receive help; 10% goes to administrative costs and 10% to capital expenditures.


In the month of November, as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we invite you help us in our fundraising initiatives, whether you  can sponsor an event, help us purchase much needed furniture or donate specifically towards providing services to low income clients.  Below are suggestions of reasons why and ways you can give.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for helping to improve access to mental health services!  DONATE NOW

contactez- nous




Tel. 613-233-4929

Administration Hours

 Lundi: 11am - 6pm

Mercredi: 11am - 6pm

 Vendredi: 11am - 5pm



265 Carling Ave, Suite 403

Ottawa, ON, K1S 2E1



Si vous ou quelqu'un que vous connaissez est en danger immédiat, s'il vous plaît appelez le  9-1-1.

Numéros d'urgence:

Police d'Ottawa: 613-236-1222

La Société de l'aide à l'enfance d'Ottawa: 613-747-7800

Jeunesse J'écoute: 1-800-668-6868

The Distress Centre: 613-238-3311

The Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre: 613-562-2333

Mental Health Crisis Line: 613-722-6914

Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Program: 613-798-5555 x 13770

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